Thursday, March 20, 2008

My Iron

People have been showing their irons, so here are mine that I have here in Florida. The humidity here is hard on irons so I buy an inexpensive one and replace it as needed which is often every year. Actually this one is on its second year. I like one that is not too heavy. Those cordless ones are way too heavy for me. I wouldn't have one that doesn't have auto shut off. I like lots of steam holes. As you can see, the plate on this one is showing some use. I have cleaned it and it is smooth and still working okay. The little one is not a toy but one I bought on sale at the fabric store. It is nice for a carry along.

Another Redwork

I finished another redwork but found the flowers and leaves were not differentiated enough. I tried joining the petals and or centers and wasn't happy with either. So now I'm filling in the petals. Three more flowers and one more tea pot to do. I also found some red check material that I really like with the tea pots. It was here in my small FL stash. I have no idea what I' going to do with them. I considered making hot pads. Also thought about a wall hanging for here in FL.

My friend who was visiting has gone back to MI. Kipper and I fly back on the 26th. Oh me, that is less than a week away. I got my computer backed up. I usually do it before I migrate. I carry my lap top with me on the plane. No machine quilting for a while. I must go through my sewing things and pack what will go with me. One of my two suitcases always gets filled with sewing goodies. I have one set of clothes and most other things that stay in FL and other set that stay in MI but most sewing goodies migrate with me.
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Libby said...

It's sure fun to see what everyone looks for in an iron *s* Sounds like you have found a model that is perfect for you needs. Have safe travel.

julieQ said...

I love your redwork! My ideal iron has to be hot...and cheap! It won't last long in my house... Ha!