Friday, March 28, 2008

Back Up North and Winter

Kipper and I arrived safely. Three inches of snow this morning and Kipper just loves it. Rolling and Rolling. As you can see I got the computer back up and going. No problem. TV cable was more problem but working now.

Big gratuities to my daughter in Florida who helped me with all the last minute things in FL and got us to the airport and to my son who was here in MI to help me get this house up and running again. He had driven from AL with two of his dogs to leave with Kipper and me for a couple months while they try to sell their house there. They will be moving back to MI this summer.

This morning I am off to see my friend Shirley who visited me in FL in January. She had surgery two weeks ago for a brain tumor. Very unexpected. They found it on a Monday and removed as much as they could two days later. There were no signs of it last August so it is very aggressive. Biopsy says stage 4. Not good at all. They are going to give her radiation 5 days a week for six weeks. We don't know when it will start. They would like to give her chemo but she is a liver transplant (14 years next September) and it would cause her liver to reject. She came through the brain surgery fine and was out of the hospital in two days. Now she is back to her home (alone). She has a very positive outlook and is feeling very good right now. They took her car keys away so I'm planning on spending lots of time with her. Shirley and I used to work together and have done a lot of traveling together since our husbands died. Sorry to be sharing this sad news but there was no other way to let you know why I may be away and not doing much quilty things for a while. I'm planning to get some hand work projects together for me to work on while waiting with her during treatments and such.


Norma said...

I am so sorry to hear that your friend is so ill. She is so lucky to have someone to be with her. Do try and check in with us though!

Glad to hear you are home and settled. Kipper is quite the travel dog. Sunshine one day and snow the next. What a life!

ROZ said...

I wish your friend a speedy recovery. I love the redwork teapots. I think I may have an embroidery pattern like that. It would make a cute quilt or a table runner. Maybe a tea cozy?

LindaSueBuhl said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog - so sorry to hear about your friend's diagnosis. She is blessed to have someone to care for her. BTW my DH was born in Michigan and lived in Florida for about 10 years. Seems a lot of Michigan folks do the trek back and forth. Again - thank you for stopping by and best wishes to your friend.

Finn said...

Oh Katie, I'm sooo very glad you are home safe and sound, and sooo very sad that Shirley is facing this battle. It really doesn't sound promising, but having a friend like you will be a huge comfort.
Sometimes, in these later years, as we find ourselves without our spouses, a friend is just the absolute best thing!!! Please do drop me an email if you want a shoulder to lean on yourself. So happy tht DS and puppies will be there helping cover the bases for awhile. Sendig big hugs for you and Shirley, my prayers also, Finn

Libby said...

Katie, I am glad to know that your travel was safe and comfortable. I'm so sorry to hear of Shirley's troubles. I will certainly keep you both in my good thoughts. Take care *s*

paula, the quilter said...

I am glad that you arrived safely but I am sad to hear about your friend, Shirley. I will let the wind spread my prayers and thoughts for her .