Friday, April 11, 2008

Looks Good

Guess what I made from those apples in my last post. LOL When blog reading, I've been seeing such yummy looking foods lately. Today I ate lunch at a place where I hadn't eaten before. They are known for their fish and pie - well not together. The fried cod was the best I've had from a restaurant in a long time. And this piece of pie came home for my supper. It was no sugar added and yup, I ate it al a mode. Very good. It is on a salad plate. That's how big one piece was.

I made two more rows putting orphans together. Now I have a 12 inch block ready to run through the sewing machine. Not sure when that will be.
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Finn said...

Hi katie, and here I was just telling blogland that your apples weren't edible...LOL, guess I'd better renig on that one! The pie looks delish!
Good going on those orphan blocks. I've been thinking about you and posted a tutorial of sorts today at Pieces. Maybe it will give you some ideas *VBS* Yours look grand!
enjoy the pie and the sewng.Hugs, Finn

Libby said...

Mmmm - cod is my favorite fish. I bet is was yummy. That pie looks pretty darned good, too *s*

Granny Lyn said...

Yum, yum, yummy. We eat no-sugar-added all the time, DH is a diabetic, and it sure beats no-dessert-attall tee hee

the orphans are wonderful, Finn's Orphan Trains are so satisfying, aren't they? love it!

Norma said...

Darn, I would sure like to have that piece of pie before I call it a night........and no sugar added is my kind of pie!

I am sure you will come up with a great quilt with those orphans...they already have the love sewn in.