Friday, May 02, 2008

Here are pics of the background fabrics I bought for the Birds of a Feather applique. I took them without flash so have some shadows but maybe you can get the idea. I have used numbers 2 and 3 from the left so far. Number 2 is beige and the pattern shows up better than the pic.

What's In Your Name?
When I saw this on Norma's Random Stitches I thought no way for me. If she thought "N" was hard and Granny thought "L" was hard, well how about "K"? Last night I was too worn down to do anything. I thought about reading but wandered your blogs instead. Then I decided to see how many words I could think of that started with "K". Could I use them to do this challenge? Well, here goes.

Name: Katie
Four Letter Word: kind (Please be this to my word choices.)
Vehicle: kayak (Did you know that Alaska has more water vehicles than road ones.)
TV Show: Reges and Kelly Show.
City: Kansas City (Hi DGD #1)
Boy's Name: Keith (I think there are more proper names with "K" than regular ones.)
Girl's Name: Kari (Hi DGD#2)
Occupation: kennel keeper (There's a twofer. That makes up for the TV Show.)
Something I Wear: kimono (I've been reading about Taniwa's. So beautiful.)
Actually I wear kitty-print pajamas.)
Food: kale (I like the stuff, especially with other greens.)
Something In My Bathroom: kinfolk's kids (Well, sometimes they are there.)
Reason For Being Late: keys (Can't find them.)
Something I Shout: Kipper, come. (Good dog.)

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Granny Lyn said...

ohhh, you are clever, much better than mine, tee hee!

I absolutely love the background fabrics! very elegant and sofisticated!

Norma said...

So, no diamonds with the kitty print jammies?

I am so glad you did this, I love your answers. I had forgotten about Kipper! Great use of that one. Thanks for playing along.

The applique fabrics are so soft and nice. Be sure and show us your progress on the applique.

Carol Van Rooy said...

I read somewhere if you lose your keys to put them in the fridge at night with your lunch... yeah right, I'd probably next forget to take my lunch (HEHEHE)