Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Last weekend I decided to do some cleaning up in my sewing room. I got the floor swept and found a box to hold the scraps from my big ironing board. Just had to sew. Result was this 12" block. I found a pizza box to store it in. Not much cleaning up got done but some good quilt therapy did.

Kipper also decided to play. He stole two pieces of fabric. I don't know why he likes to eat fabric so much. He isn't allowed in my sewing room but I had these by my computer area, where I do my hand sewing. It looks like he took a giant bite but actually the fabric was folded and he was chewing. Yes he has a bone, actually several, and yes he chews them. Sigh. The second piece of fabric was to be his second course and I rescued it. No pic.

Hope everyone is having a good quilting day.
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Libby said...

Oh Kipper! Eating fabric is not a good plan *s*

Tanya said...

Oh dear. Please keep Kipper away from quilts!

Norma said...

Can dogs have fabric addiction too? LOL He is just a true friend, sharing your loves with you.

Great block, amazing what you can do in a short time with some bits and pieces.

Granny Lyn said...

I hope you gave Kipper a nice glass of milk with his fiber? It goes down so much better!

tee hee

Love the block!!