Thursday, May 15, 2008

Berries Added

I've got aspargus! I don't plant a garden any more but the aspargus still comes up every year. We planted these plants about 40 years ago and even then we dug them up from an old abandoned house. I wonder how old they are. Yes, it tasted as good as it looks.

I added some red berries to my applique and even a yellow flower. Definitely spices it up. I also appliqued a bit on Birdy's tail. I'm slowly working on another block, maybe 1/3 done.

Gas has gone to over $4 a gallon here in my part of Michigan. I know you California gals have been there but.... Unemployment here is 15 percent. And remember that only counts the people registered for looking for employment. It doesn't include people who have given up, often due to mental or physical problems. I see so many senior citizens working at minumum wage jobs. These were the jobs youth used to have. Oh, me. I bought a pack of (10) single edge razor blades and they cost $6. Food prices are outragous but my favorite store did have a lot of things I like to eat (milk, cottage cheese, eggs, Cherios, tomatoes, lettuce) on sale last week. I stocked up on the cereal and donated some to a food drive. I have mixed feelings about some of the people asking for food. Is anyone in their home smoking? Do they buy soda, chips? Are they eating fast food or buying coffee by the cup? Where do they set the thermastat in their home? Do they have cable, Internet, cell phones? I know my local free food pantry is giving out recipes with the food. Maybe some people are learning how to cook from scratch. This is the first time for so many people that they have had to start living on a budget and "making do." Of course they should have been saving and not paying interest on credit cards and then things would be better for them now. We never bought anything (except a house and car) until we had the money saved to buy it. Now it is hard to get the price of anything. They just want to tell you how much the payments will be. We went as long as 26 weeks one year when my husband was laid off, many years ago now, but without debts, we were able to "make due." Sorry about the soap box. I'm stopping at the library today for free books and tapes.

My friend has completed half of her six weeks of radiation treatment. She is doing very well and her only side effect is hair loss. We are going to get her a wig tomorrow. She is also taking an oral chemotherappy drug. She takes one pill each day and each one costs $197. Yes, there is no period there. It is nearly two hundred dollars. Her little bottle had 21 capsules and I asked her if she ever carried over $4,000 in her purse before. Her insurance is covering nearly all of the cost.

I see that the spell check is not working again so good luck reading my post. Have a quilty day!
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Jeanne said...

Oh, the asparagus looks delicious! We have had a few meals, but I could eat it every day when it is fresh like that. Your berries and flower are so pretty. As for the gas prices, I think they are all crooks.

Libby said...

Fresh asparagus is just delish *s* How fun that it just keeps coming back again and again.
Your applique looks great - glad you decided to add the berries.
We are still hanging on (by a frog's hair) to just below $4 for gas. I only fill up at Costco anymore. They are usually a penny or two below the others. It's not terribly out of the way making it worth the savings.
I've been working on filling up my pantry with staples as they go on sale. That makes stretching the food budget a little easier each week. A little creativity in the kitchen goes a long way *s*

The Calico Cat said...

"have mixed feelings about some of the people asking for food."
I am so with you only a bit more jaded. I have been firmed by two life experiences. Growing up an organization that I belonged to made baskets for needy families for Thanksgiving. For understandable reasons, the adults made the deliveries, but I will never forget how they talked about how they had "nintendo" Cable, etc. (We did not have any of that & we were the ones donating!)
Second, I worked as a grocery checker. Here in maryland, those that qualify get a "credit card" for their "welfare" & while they can not buy magazines with it, they can buy $15 per lb. crab meat, chips, soda, etc. (Again stuff that I could not afford...)

paula, the quilter said...

Mmm... fresh asparagus just can't be beat. I keep a well stocked pantry too. Because of my allergies, I have always cooked from scratch. I just can not imagine what a grocery bill would be if all I bought were pre-packaged items. I work right next door to the community kitchen. Yes, there are some who need the help, but I see others who do not and it really torks me that they are taking advantage of the system.

Granny Lyn said...

The berries are just the thing to rev up your applique.

we have always been a home with little-to-none processed foods, and love the made-from-scratch meals. And we wish all families could afford the fresh veg's and fruits.

I am so happy that your friend is doing so well on the chemo, we all know how bad it could be, so give her "blogging hugs" and tell her we are sending well-wishes!

Norma said...

My daughter in law and I were wondering if this ecomony would be making more people learn how to cook? I really don't see how you can feed a family unless you do use a food budget. We always felt that "from scratch' not only was cheaper, it tasted better and went farther. It just blows what is left of my mind the number of things that I see in the grocery store with $4 price tags on them.

We donate only when we know where the item is going. I agree about the smoking and other items that are not "necessary" to life. It is sad to know that a child might be doing without because Mom and Dad smoke but somewhere you have to draw a line. There is that saying about a hand up rather than a hand out...........

Norma said...

I forgot.....your flowers and birds are so nice, glad you added the berries!

I will trade you some grape tomatoes for some aspargus. I have more tomatoes than I know what to do with.

Tanya said...

All over the world prices are going up. I can see the difference every day in the supermarket. Guess the moral is to plant asparagus!

Finn said...

My yes, your asparagus does look delicious! And the applique blocks are coming along so are doing just a fantastic job. I think applique must be your 'thing' do it so very well.
We are hanging in at about $3.80 a gallon, not great, but obviously it can and probably will get worse.
I agree with what you are saying on your soapbox, but regardless of the stupidlity of some adult and parents, I'm happy the food shelves are there, I hate to think of kids going hungry, and thats a reality as well. Makes a person wonder where it will all end. Hugs, Finn