Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Beautiful Holiday

We had such wonderful weather for the last three days. We have had a very cold spring so this was greatly appreciated. I spent many hours working in my yard. Unfortunately the baby birds in my propane tank cover did not make it. We had several days and nights of very cold weather. One of the eggs even got too cold. You can see why I will clean up and block the "door."

I have finished another applique block. I may add more red berries but will decide that later. It sure should have been ironed before it had it's picture taken. I'll put down a fluffy towel, lay the block with the right side down
and iron with steam. The pic doesn't show the background color correctly. It is a medium pink and I found it harder to choose colors to stand out against it. Maybe you should just ignore all this until I do some ironing and take a better pic.

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