Sunday, May 25, 2008


I just discovered that the e-mail address on my profile has not been correct. I have corrected it today. If you have written to me since April, I did not get your message. So sorry. Hope I have not offended anyone who thought I was not replying. My profile also had my occupation listed as accountant. That is the biggest joke there ever was. Numbers are definitely not my thing.


Judy said...

Mine did that too...had me listed as an attorney or accountant!

Norma said...

Ok, that explains a lot, I thought maybe you were mad at me for something! I can't remember what I wrote to you was the frozen pies.

I can add and subtract..........the rest I let the great white hunter do. When we first were married, I thought I was smarter than he was because I got much better grades in school. Then we got our first bank statement and he added the figures in his head........I was humbled as much as a 19 year old can be. LOL