Monday, June 09, 2008

All Gone

Kipper hadn't been cut in six months. It was such a cold spring here that he was comfortable but now 90 degree weather is here and he was matting and shedding. This is the first time my DS cut him and the first time Kipper has had all the fur cut off his tail. I did save some on his face and near his ears. DS even cuts the insides of his dogs' ears. DS said Kipper is now naked. That he is but he is also much more comfortable. He actually had a couple places where his skin was breaking down under all that fur. It is hard to tell how dense and long the layers of fur are in the "before" pic. It is very very soft fur and very very thick. The "after" pic was taken in the house and the light doesn't show his true color, but, hey, a little low light is good when naked. haha Kipper looks a little sad but he is just very tired. It is hard to stand and be a good dog for as long as it takes to get a big grooming done. Ever since he had surgery on his paw area, he does not like to be clipped there, so, DS had to be patient and let him relax. Kipper is a very good dog when being bathed and clipped. But then he is a very good dog, period.

I got my sewing machine back from repair and had to try it out so yesterday I sewed the rows of my orphan quit. The machine purrs along beautifully. The quilt needs borders.

Well, I see I have lost the third pic again. I have retyped this, after loosing one of the pics, twice. I'll post it separately this time or I'll never get this post done.

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