Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Gadget Bag

I went to my LQS and made this gadget bag. Mine is utility style. I had a piece of flawed quilted fabric that I used. I also used up some zippers from my stash. No finished edges here. Just a little zigzag. And some ribbon. Other people made nicely finished ones. Mine will work fine.
I did add some string to the zippers to make them easier to pull. I hung it on the refrig to get a pic and think I'll hang it in my sewing room. It will take me a while to get all the goodies I want in it. Of course I should have thought about what I wanted to put in it before placing the zippers. The 6" ruler doesn't quite fit but it is not going anyplace. I think it will be very useful especially as a take-a-long.

What's Kipper checking out? This is the box that the clippers we bought for his haircut came in. Nothing note worthy there. Wrong. The packing peanuts are environmentally friendly. They are water soluble and 100% biodegradable. Just a little water will dissolve them. What a wonderful thing. I try hard not to use Styrofoam products especially cups, plates and boxes. Why can't this be used for other things? They are a bit softer than the bad ones but I'm sure they could adjust the product for other uses. I'll sure buy from Doctors Foster and Smith again.

I bought Kipper and me plane tickets to go to FL next fall. They are already raising prices and expect to go higher yet. I hear that people aren't flying as much. Maybe, but it sure costs to drive too. Well, a lot of the lowest rate tickets, especially for April 2009, are already sold out.

I heard that MI now has the highest unemployment rate in the US. I have a young man who helps me with my yard work on some weekends. He has a minimum wage job which is $7.40 here in MI. Even so, he can't keep up and has been evicted from his very low end apartment. He is going to live in a tent in a park for the summer. Remember those who are struggling.

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Libby said...

Economic pressures are all around - hopefully there will be some relief just around the corner.
We have opted to jump on the 'stay-cation' bandwagon this year. There are plenty of fun and exciting things to do very near home - rather than fly or drive a long distance, we'll just take advantage of our own backyard *s*

Norma said...

Makes you wonder how people who were barely making it six months ago are making it now. Just a trip through the grocery store makes me shutter. Scary times in this country and no one seems concerned enough to do much about it.