Monday, June 23, 2008

Getting Organized

I decided to get my embroidery floss organized. I used the trusty zipper bags but now wonder if that was a good idea. They are not acid free. I'd never store a finished piece made with the floss in these bags but does it matter? Are there acid free bags like these?

I also did some looking in some of my UFO boxes. Gosh, this one is plastic too. Oh, me. Anyway, I was thinking it contained a nearly finished or at least well progressing quilt. This was it. Should I just move everything back into the general stash? I still like the idea but do I really want to do this. Yes, but will I?

Hope everyone is doing fine and my friends in the SW are keeping cool. What crazy weather.

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The Calico Cat said...

I think for the amount of time that it would take for those bags to damage the floss - it would be time to replace it anyway...

Spoken from the gal whose floss is still in the bag from the store where she bought it...

Finn said...

Hi Katie, I think the floss will be just fine in the plastic bags. As long as it's not in direct sun, a lot of years would be needed to do any damage.
As for the UFO, I'd vote to add the blocks to the "orphan pile" and put the fabric back in stash.
The closet looks much better after you worked on it...good job! Hugs, Finn

Libby said...

Great blocks . . . no matter where they end up they will a pretty quilt *s*

Norma said...

I really like the blocks but if you don't feel motivated, chances are they are orphans. I have a selection of those myself.

Don't you just love all those colors of floss laid out like that? Just like having a big box of crayons to play with!

We are just housebound next to the AC. We swim a lot and keep the ice tea pitcher full.

Julie said...

Hi Katie

I'm really enjoying your blog. I especially love your garden photos & your wonderful applique blocks. As for storage, all my ancient sewing stuff has been in plastic containers for decades with no ill effects. I even have some very old embroidery thresd from a great aunt that was in plastic grocery bags & it has held up fine.

I think the beautiful UFO star blocks would look great in anything.

Sunni said...

Just found your blog and I am really enjoying it. I store my floss in the same type bags and have never had a problem. I am hoping that someone can tell me of a site that is about stamped cross stitch. I love doing that and would like to have more ideas from ladies who do the same. Thanks