Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Favorite Container

I was looking for some small black beads to use for eyes on my applique birds. Well, time to do a little cleaning and sorting, anyway. There had been some multiplying going on behind my back so some of the tubs had to go into a larger ones. It isn't done, but is cleaner and getting back onto the shelves. I'll never use all this. It needs to be sorted and much needs to find a new home. Well, not today.

As for my favorite sewing container - I think it is the drawers on wheels.

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Norma said...

I have one of those sets of drawers on wheels. That is where I keep track of my quilting notions. If I put them in a drawer, they don't disappear! Of course, I forget what they are but, I know where they are! LOL

It is fun to revisit your stuff, sad to get rid of it and wonderful to make room for new.

Joyce said...

I have several of those drawers on wheels. I lined them up and put a board on top for a long shelf.