Friday, October 10, 2008


One of my favorite foods. That's plenty of nutmeg on the top.


Fran over at Making Memories One Stitch At A Time has a funny post about housework not interfering with quilting. She mentions about putting dirty dishes in the oven when unexpected company was
about to arrive. Hum. She didn't say anything about forgetting about the dirty pans and later heating the oven without checking it. Now I'm not saying who I heard once did that.

How about having to take something off a chair in the living room so they can sit down? There is something on every one of them. Well all of them except Kipper's couch, but it is full of dog hair.

Someone once said my house always looked lived in. I was really impressed that he could think of a positive thing to say. It was positive, wasn't it?

Once I heard a tip. If your house is dirty and unexpected company is coming, put the vacuum cleaner out and plug it in. They interrupted you about to clean. Humm...

Another time I took a survey in a magazine about what kind of a housekeeper I was. I only missed SLOB by one point. Suppose I fudged on a question?

I've tried many plans like Fly Lady's suggestions but .... About the only suggestion that I try really hard to stick to is to not bring any new things into my house without taking something out. It is so hard for me to get rid of things.

Fran said there shouldn't be so much mess in her house because there are only two adults living there. Oh me. There is only one adult living here. Does Kipper count? He only leaves one bone and one toy around.

Fran said her mother always picked up and put away. My mother, who worked full time outside the house, would scrub and wax the kitchen floor. When it was dry she would cover it with newspapers. I never understood that.

I do know that my mess makes it harder to find things. But when I put things away, I can't find them either. At least I keep telling myself that. I do hang my keys on the hooks just under my favorite sign.

So why am I a messy person? For one thing, it doesn't bother me. I do know it makes it harder to clean. Maybe that's why I put that off too. Yes, I do procrastinate and am poor at prioritizing. I have a poor sense of how long it takes to do anything. And I get distracted easily.

Oh, well just a happy, junky person here. I'm not sure that is liberated but it's me.
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Libby said...

*mmmmm* your custard looks yummy! I am a detail cleaner in fits and spurts. One good deep clean in fall and spring usually carry me through. My mom used to tell me I was a lick and a promise cleaner . . . of course that was when I was living at home. I never really understood what she was trying to say until I had my own home to tend *s*

Tropical Screamer said...

I had forgotten all about custard. (Even the packaged Golden Egg Custard. Do they still make that?)

And being messy. Hmmmmmm. I could blame it on the fact that both Dear Husband and Dear Son are messy, so it was adapt or fight. But since I can do things any way that I want I guess I just have to accept that I'm messy. LOL.

I'm am going through a major "destuff" period. With hope, I'll run out of stuff one of these years.

All the best and thanks for the wonderful post. You helped me smile today.

Best regards,

Tanya said...

I've tried Flylady too and I try to keep that 15 minute line in my head. Sometimes even then I can only keep to 5 minutes!

Fuzzy White Dogs said...

I know what you mean! I always thought that when my children were grown & gone my house would be clean all the time. ROFL!! Boy was I ever wrong!