Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Posting From Florida

Kipper and I are safely in FL again and just in time so I hear. It is even cold here and may break the record for the low temp tonight. Not pool weather here but it won't last long. And it is great weather to ride my bike while Kipper runs with me. Sunny.

Our trip went fine. My son was able to come and help me close up my MI home and get us to the airport. We had to change planes in Detroit
and were delayed for an extra half hour because they had so many wheelchair passengers to get seated. Sure glad I didn't have to have one this year. They gave Kipper water. He must have been panting. That is the first time I've known of them to do that. He is a seasoned flier and does so well.

My daughter was here to pick us up at the airport. She had been to my house already and had it all opened up. She even bought groceries and dog food. That was Saturday and on Sunday she gave Kipper a hair cut - a nice short one. He had been rapidly growing his winter coat.

The palm is in my neighbor's yard, as is the grapefruit tree. The ducks have multiplied and were at the pond last evening.

Yesterday Kipper went running with me as I rode my bike around. Then he ate supper and was soon snoozing on the couch. This
is his usual one ear cocked-up position. Somehow he always knows when I get the camera out and gets up but he was so tired this time, he only opened his eyes a little and quickly went back to sleep. As I write this he is in exactly the same position. Ah, the life.

I am still unpacking and cleaning but hope to get to the sewing machine soon. I brought down a couple of the quilt tops I had ready to finish and hope to get to them soon. I am so happy to see the Hancock store is still here and I will soon be going there to buy some batting. soon.
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Tropical Screamer said...

Kipper is so cute. And don't our furry babies lead such nice lives.

I'm glad that you're where it's sunny and warm.

Best regards,

Granny Lyn said...

Oh, but you missed our snow here in Michigan yesterday,,,tee hee,,,bet you were sorry you were in FL?????

Love the I-spy squares...

Finn said...

So happy you and Kipper landed safely! And my oh my, what gorgeous fabric! You'll be having lots of fun this winter.*VBS* Big hugs, Finn

Tanya said...

Kipper looks like a happy dog! Love his one ear up look!