Tuesday, October 07, 2008

More Quilt Show

My own quilting activity is null so here's some more pictures I took at a nearby quilt show in September. This is the display where the only requirement is that the quilt has a star somewhere in it - the fabric, pattern and/or the quilting. Aren't these great?

The first one was chosen for the entry (first quilt you see). It is titled Color My World, the pattern was bargello color wheel and it was made and quilted by Debbie.

Title: "Stack and Slash Stars"
Pattern: 5 pointed star
Made and quilted by Diane

Title: "Ohio Star #2"
Pattern: Ohio Star
Made by Michelle ad quilted by Karen

Title: "Star Bright"
Pattern: Cutting Double
Made by Carol ad Quilted by Sandra

This time of year, as I get ready to migrate back to FL, is not my favorite. I am very good at procrastinating and it catches up with me now. I must do many things before I leave. I printed my four page list off my computer. Lots of appointments with doctor, dentist, financial advisor. Lots of people to notify. Things to pick up and finish up and clean up and pack up and .....

The good news is I don't have to pay for the first suitcase I check. I bought my ticket before they started charging so it doesn't apply to me. Hope it works when I get to the airport. Second suitcase will have a charge of $25 as near as I can figure from the information. The other good news is that when I finally get to FL, it takes me only a few days to get everything up and running and all my procrastinated jobs are done so I can go back to retired mode - that means quilting. Ya! The flying date is October 25.
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