Friday, October 17, 2008


Do you know who Cynthia McKinney, Chuck Baldwin and Bob Bau are? I didn't either until today when I filled in my absentee ballot. Along with Ralph Nader, they are also running for President.
My vote is cast. Hope you also vote.


I was putting this one away and wondered if I had a pic of it. My mother made it. She used several designs and made many afghans. I especially liked this one as it looked so modern. I should have taken a close-up pic. Just click on it so a better view.

Fall Outing
Today Shirley and I went for a ride to see the fall colors. They are at their peak with lots of red color now. We went out for lunch and then to the orchard. I had to have a fried cake (donut) made with cider and a glass of fresh, unpasteurized cider. Absolutely delicious. Wish you could have come with us.


Do you have one of these Swifer dusters? They are just wonderful for anyone who has trouble getting up high or down low to dust. It also bends to clean things like ceiling fans. It also gets in long narrow places like behind the microwave. I'm sure they have other brands but it sure has made my life easier. No excuses now for things being dusty.

Low Cost Eating

I don't know if they are doing this in other parts of the county, but here in MI, they have had a push for people, especially public officials, to eat for a week on the amount of money a person on food stamps would have. They have had the stories about the people moaning about missing their coffee and having to eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches every day. One said she would be eating a lot of macaroni and cheese made from a box. It can be an economical choice but there is no need to eat it every day. How about making coffee at home and taking it to work in a Thermos? Or take a tea bag and heat water in the microwave at work? Also those people getting food stamps, would also be able to get free hot lunches at school for their children. I got thinking and did some math to see how I would do. For one person, I would have $3.40 cents per day. Of course I couldn't eat in a restaurant or have goodies at the orchard but I'd eat very well at home. My Cheerios with milk, sugar substitute and banana was about 75 cents. Choices for lunch were several sandwiches including toasted cheese (made with 1 1/2 slices of real cheese - none of that terrible cheese food stuff), tuna, egg salad or that peanut butter one - any of them for a $ or less. I also often eat a cup of cottage cheese with canned dices peaches or tomato and whole wheat crackers. About a $ and a half. Or a bowl of homemade soup with crackers or bread and butter. Or serve it over a home made biscuit. Add a glass of milk and a couple chocolate graham crackers or save them for a snack later. Supper might be 1/4 pound of pork steak (on sale this week was 50 cents), fried potatoes with onion, green beans, radishes, dill pickles, carrot sticks, bread and butter. Cup of tea. Maybe a dish of custard or pudding. I'd definitely be under the $3.40. I know I eat what is on sale. And food prices are lower here in MI than in many parts of the county. And fresh fruit and veggies are getting expensive. Bananas have just gone from 59 cents a pound to 69 cents. That means a medium-size one is 25 cents now. Apples are so expensive that they can be $ each and they are in season too. But canned vegetables were on sale this week for 2 or even 3 cans for a $. I sometimes treat myself to a "day old" donut which if half price (25 cents) after 5:00. I bought fresh bread baked in the store. Regular price for the cracked wheat, which is my favorite, is $1.99 You can't buy anything you want and can't buy premade foods but you sure can eat well.

I definitely can eat well for little money. Now buying medications is another story. Sorry for the rant.

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Pieceful Afternoon said...

Wow - your food prices are cheap - even when buying at discount places we never see canned goods for 2 or 3 for a dollar - and bananas have never been 69 cents a pound.

I think one problem that people on food stamps might have is that they might not have all the ingredients available to them for making homemade biscuits, or all the things needed to make up a good soup. I think it is hard to get along on a limited amount of money per week/month and keep a stock of things in the cupboard for cooking up some good dishes. It is sad that people have to live that way, and it often leads to buying foods that are not as nutritous. I drove by the food bank the other day and there was a line two blocks long - in the rain - I felt like taking them all into my car to warm up and then drive them home with their groceries. We often pick up two of whatever we are buying for ourselves and take the extras to the food bank. We also donate whenever we can to food drives - giving the "good" stuff from our cupboards so others can have especially good food.

It is good to be reminded from time to time about the hunger that is all around us.

Granny Lyn said...

I think the biggest problem is the time it takes to cook for a family. My daughter works and has three sons. by the time whe runs home after working all day, she has half an hour to fix supper, then its off to ball practice for Blake, then run back home, help with homework, bathe everybody, then fall into bed at night exhausted. She is not on food stamps, but it is still hard for her to feed her family at a fast food joint. $25 to 30 at least. So, she mostly sets the alarm for an hour early so she can make crock pot dinners.

We forget that families on food stamps can NEVER rely on fast food, can NEVER run through Mickey D's for a nice iced coffee, can NEVER buy the family that day old's the physical effort that is costly as much as the convienience foods...

Good blog, brings us alot to think about and be thankful for!!!

Judy said...

I totally agree with you! You just have to take the time to figure it out. No more laziness as people have to learn how to cook and do it. It's interesting that I would read this post as I have been researching how to live cheaper and yesterday I made pinto beans in the corck pot (1 meal),maybe beans and rice today (meal 2) and the leftovers from that could be part of a veggie soup and the protein would come from the beans (meal 3) and I only used half a bag of beans less than $, meat was $2.23 (could have been left out) and I had some left over carrots in the fridge and threw some of those in. Oh I made a box of corn muffins at 48 cents for the box which made 6. I ate one and have five left. I had some potatos and fried some in olive oil and onion. There's enough for about 4 more meals. I did think that I might have a potato sandwich for lunch today. I remember my mother talking about how good fried potato sandwiches were in the depression. I like it with lots of mustard.
Okay this is my mouthful today!!
Have a good day!