Wednesday, October 08, 2008

My Favorite

Here are more of the quilt show. I liked lots of them but decided this is my favorite, at least today. I love the embroidery and hand quilting. It is titled Chelsea's First Christmas, the pattern is red work embroidery and it was made and hand quilted by Viola.

How about that tree quilt? It makes me want to start one of my own. The title is Avery's Double Digit Birthday. It was made by Mary and quilted by Arlene.

Today I went with my friend Shirley to the U of M Medical Center. Shirley is my friend who has brain cancer. She gets blood tests done every week and goes for an oncology check once a month. Her lab tests have been too poor to let her take her chemo for the last six weeks. But her blood work is good now and they will give her another round of five days. She takes the same oral chemo that Senator Kennedy takes for the same tumor, but Shirley's was located in a different part of the brain. Today Shirley took another respiratory antibiotic treatment as this chemo increases the chance of getting a type of lung infection that is very hard to treat.

What I wanted to tell about was the wonderful things they do at this Medical Center to ease the patients' tests and treatments. They have beverage carts in several areas. Someone comes around offering everyone currents magazines and puzzles like Sudoku. In the laboratory area there are art quilts hanging on the walls. Really professional art. Sorry I didn't take a camera. The fabric arts council had a small loom there and would help you to do a few rows of a table runner under construction. A pianist was playing show tunes from memory. He must have been from an orchestra. I have also heard a
guitar played. Today a soprano sang a few songs. One of them was the theme from the Sound of Music. All these things are going on in the waiting rooms. It is very nice. The staff is also so kind. I don't know if all big medical centers connected with teaching hospitals are this helpful, but this one sure is. My friend sees the head of the neuro-oncology department. He is the kindest doctor and is teaching this to his residents. I'm sure they will end up all over America and will help many other patients in the future.
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Lazy Gal Tonya said...

Sorry to hear that your friend is ill, but wow, I'm impressed with the center where she gets treatment. Fun quilts!

Fran said...

Lovely quilts. I just love the red work Christmas quilt. Would you friend feel offended or pleased that someone else would like to emmulate her?

Been really super busy, hopefully life will get back to normal next week. I've missed checking all my favourite blogs.