Monday, September 29, 2008


Blowing the dust out of both the internal and external fans on my computer has definitely helped reduce how hot it was getting.

My no-fail pie crust recipe was on my April 17, 2007 post.

The site where I got my blog book is

Okay, what else have I forgotten to answer?


Libby said...

What a fun book of blog posts . . .something to keep in mind. Thanks for the date of the piecrust post - I've got it printed out and ready for my next pie making adventure *s*

Finn said...

I love your book of blog posts. It's a great idea and I'm sure also a lot of work.
I finally got you published at the Orphan Train...which doesn't catch me up totally, but closer. Please do take a look if you want to *VBS* Hugs, Finn