Friday, September 12, 2008

Inspiration from Old Dishes

Today I was reading in Yesteryear Embroideries about her Grandma Pearl. She showed her Grandma's dishes and thought about how people made-do during the depression. I started to comment on her post but decided instead I'm write here.

My grandma was named Edna Pearl. These are some of her dishes that I have. They too would be great inspiration for embroidery.

I remember my grandma cutting up envelopes she received to use for scrap paper. She listened to the radio and wrote jokes and other tid-bits from the programs onto the scraps of paper. I have a few of them. I also remember her big ball of twine that she saved. The butcher had tied it around the paper he wrapped the meat in. These memories are more from WWII times when there were lots of shortages too.

I have a friend who does remember the depression. With her mother and siblings, she had moved from a farm to a small city. The markets g
ave a pig farmer their produce that wouldn't sell because it had started to spoil. My friend's older brothers would go to the pile of fruits and vegetable and take pails of them to bring home. As a young girl, it was my friend's job to cut away the bad spots so the family could eat the good parts.

Making a Blog Book

On Taniwa's blog I learned about a place called Book Smart. ( They are able to download your blog posts and then you are able to edit them into the format that you desire. Then you buy a hard copy book that they send to you. I have always wanted to do that. I have written three books about my life and words and memories are precious to me. My big problem is my poor computer skills. After several days and help from my DD-L and Taniwa I got into the program. It has taken me two days to edit my posts into the font and form I wanted. There are probably better ways to do my editing but I did a ton of copy, paste, and then delete. I did get dropped many times so I was afraid to cut and paste. For someone who is more computer smart, they could do some great things with this program. I did my posts for the year 2006 and condensed them to less than 200 pages. I am going to do one more read through and then order the book. I haven't attempted to correct my blog posts but am just trying to make sure I don't have page duplicates. The posts had goofs, so my book will too.

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Margaret said...

Those plates are really lovely and as you say they would make very nice embroidery patterns . The p[ansy plate looks an embroidery that my mother did years ago. She liked pansy's, if I can remember who I gave the worked piece to, I will try and take a photo of it. I enjoyed your blog Cheers Margaret

Joyce said...

I have just been thinking I'd like to make my blog into a book and wondering just how to do it. This site looks like just the ticket. I live in fear that Blogger might suddenly disappear. It could, and since it's fee we'd have no recourse.
I'd love to have a permanent record of my blog if that should happen. Maybe I'll drop a hint for Christmas. Lol.

Tropical Screamer said...

Love your design wall.

I'm heading over to your archives to see everything I've missed.

Best regards,

Libby said...

Such delicate plates . . . perfect for an afternoon refreshment when the ladies are over.
Mom always had a ball of twine in the kitchen drawer. I never really thought about it - it was just always there *s*

Tanya said...

I'm just getting back into blog reading after a break of a week. Hope you'll like the results of your book. Please let me know how it turns out. I am still plodding away on my 2007 blog book. Too many pages and it will cost a fortune but I still think it is worth saving (for someone). Looks like you'll be busy with all that backing and binding!