Monday, September 15, 2008

Ready to Sandwich

I have seven quilts ready to sandwich. I bordered those that I felt needed them, and made backs and binding for all of them. I hate making binding and that black was really no fun. I haven't dealt with the batting yet. I have a roll of cotton but these are utility quilts that will be laundered often so should have poly. Everything so far has come from my stash. Yay! Next step is to do some cleaning up and get to the sandwiching.

The last pic is the selvage from a large piece of fabric. It is so pretty. It it is probably hard to see but the pattern goes right to the edge and then there is fringe. I tore it wide enough so I could use it for something. Oh me, I'm trying to reduce but this sure says, "Keep me!"

What kind of quilter are you? That is a popular question that we often ask ourselves and others. Yesterday I was thinking about it again.

My DD-L found a site called Share My Quilt. People post pics of their quilts and others rate them and comment. I enjoyed looking at some of the quilts and managed to ignore the ratings. There are no stories about the quilts or the makers.

Saturday I went to a quilt display by the African American Guild. They are just the neatest group of ladies. And they display all their work with such pride - pride in just having made it. I have gone to this show for many years now and I love it. There are all levels of all kinds of work. Much of it would not be admitted to most shows. That is why I love it so. They do a very professional job of displaying all the quilts. No ratings or judging. Each info tag has a comments section and they have written great things there. (Yes, I took pics and will share more soon.) They made many of the quilts together at a community center where they have gone for years. Some of the quilts are made with a teacher to help them. A few are hand quilted and many have been finished by a long-arm quilter. There were panel quilts and even a whole cloth one. And a jacket and some ethnic faith-based themed ones I'd never seen before.

Anyway, two types of quilting sharing their love of quilting. As I look and contemplate, I learn more about myself.
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Lazy Gal Tonya said...

I'm all for the sharing of quilts and their stories, no matter what they look like and being happy with them. none of this Best and High Rated stuff.... I look forward to seeing the pics from the show.

Joyce said...

I don't like making binding or backing much either. Still, it's nice to get them done. You have done a lot of work getting them all ready to quilt. Now it will go very fast, I'm sure.

Tropical Screamer said...

Wow, seven quilts. How fun!

It's great to be back reading blogs. It's going to be so much fun reading your archives and seeing all the fun you've been having.

Best regards,

Finn said...

Way to go Katie! Hurray for getting all those backings and bindings done! That is a huge job, especially for 7 quilts!
I loved what you said about the African American quilt display you saw. Often quilts like those are the ones that touch us the deepest, unless we have the cold hard heart of quilt police. It's a constant battle to keep the human element IN quilting and not on the sidelines looking at prize winners *VBS*. Glad you were there and enjoyed being there again. Hugs, Finn