Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Quilt Show

These are pics of some of the quilts by the local African American Guild.

This one immediately caught my eye and tugged at my heart.
The scrappy one is 48 x 37 1/2". It took Margaret six months to make it. Comments said, "Used dryer sheets are cut to 6" square. Scrap pieces are sewed onto each dryer sheet. Four blocks are sewed to make a square. This throw was made for my son Allan for his hospital bed."

This one was really stunning. I'm not sure how it was done but top quality. It is 72 x 90" and Jeffalone made it to commemorate a family reunion which was held in Houston in July 2008. It was raffled to the family members and the proceeds were used to rent a travel bus for a three hour sightseeing tour of the city for the entire family. A male member of the family from Indiana won the quilt. I'm so glad he let Jeffalone bring it back to Michigan for display.

Although there were no contests or judging, this one was my favorite. The colors and design are really striking. My kind of quilt. "Bright" is 106 x 88 1/2 " and was made this year by Mildred with the quilting by Kathy and the binding by Margaret. The pattern is Roman Stripes. It was made in a class from fabric donated by Mildred's sister. She made it for her daughter. Mildred says it was,"fun and a joy to put this quilt together."

As you know, I have been collecting fabric to make a B&W quilt. It was from another quilt I saw at this same show a few years ago that I got my inspiration to make a B&W one. That one was a sampler. This Bear Paw is inspiring me again. It was made by Dianna and I got to meet her. Very nice, enthusiastic lady. Bear Paw on Parade was made this year. It is 92 x 67". She taught her quild members how to make this patten and one of the members gave her the idea to add the red.
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Tropical Screamer said...

Hi Katie:

Thanks for sharing pics of the quilt show. The "used fabric softener sheets" sure caught my eye. The next thing I noticed was that the lines in the four parts of the squares didn't line up.

I remembered that I have a book somewhere that talks about piecing this way. When I first read it I thought that I could never make squares where the lines didn't match.

Now it seems I don't care if anything lines up.

Thanks again for sharing the pics. It gave me a lot to think about.

Best regards,

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

ooh, that Bear Paw is stunning - very inspirational

Fran said...

Lovely quilts and the strippy ones are stunning. I'm working on a bear claw at the church right now and this color combination inspired me also. Keep up posting all these beautiful pictures.

~~Fran... :c)

Finn said...

Really beautiful quilts Katie, I also, love that first string quilt. Seems to beat with heart of a true quilter...making do.
Perhaps it would be nice if that element of 'needy' wasn't part of our society, but it is and God bless those who help themselves and don't consider it a hardship. Thanks for sharing the pictures. Hugs, Finn