Sunday, September 28, 2008


I have four small raspberry bushes just outside my back yard fence. Some years they produce just a couple berries and other years, I get enough for my cereal. It mostly depends of how much rain they get. Two of the bushes are too near big trees. They try to produce berries twice during each summer. In July there were a few berries but the birds and Kipper got them. Kipper tugs any that he can through the fence. It is fun to watch him check them out - prickley branches and all. He thinks I planted the bushes on the wrong side of the fence. They are my favorite fruit and Kipper never turns them down either. We have had a lot of rain and recently the bushes made a good crop . I bought netting and covered the berries so they could ripen without birds or a dog getting first chance at them . This has resulted in me having had a few on my cereal every few days lately. Look what I got yesterday! That is the most berries I've ever picked at one time. Half of them joined my banana on my corn flakes this morning and the other half jumped on vanilla ice cream after dinner. Umm good!

Do you have a spoon like that? I love this one for cereal and soup. It is a Chineese soup spoon. You get milk or broth with every bite.

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Tanya said...

Hmm. Your berries look delicious. I tried planting a raspberry bush and a black berry bush a couple years ago (and a blueberry bush) but they are fading into the weeds and never have produced anything...
Yes, and I do have a spoon like that though we normally use it when eating noodles. Eat the noodles with the chopsticks and the soup with the spoon.

Tropical Screamer said...

Yum, those berries look delicious.

And we have spoons like that, too. They're very common here. I agree. They're great with soups and cereal.

All the best.