Saturday, September 27, 2008


At one time I made and repaired much clothing for my family but no longer do I do so. There is always an exception and these shorts are it. They are a favorite of one of DGDs and she caught a back pocket on something and badly tore the material. The plaid helped hide the repair and they are now being worn again. I was intrigued with the elastic tabs and buttons on the inner waist band. There is one tab on each side and each has three button holes. What a nice way to adjust the waist band for an exact fit. I was thinking this would work well for me to get more room after I stuff myself on those cinnamon rolls. hehe

Today my helper and I got my yard ready for winter, well it is almost all done. I left the turtle to move water in the pond but will take it out in a couple weeks. Very tired tonight but very happy to have this task done. Oh, you might be interested to know that my homeless (employed but living in his car) helper is making arrangements to rent either a room or part of a house for the winter. Sure hope it works out okay for him as Michigan is no place to be homeless in the winter.

This will be a short post as I am limiting my time on my laptop computer. It has been getting hot and when this happened before, it was a only a short time until it fried. I have been backing up files and trying to figure out what to do. I found an article that says it may be because of dust in the machine and explains how to clean it. Have any of you ever done this? I think it is unique to laptops. I've decided to seek someone to give me another opinion and assistance.

I'm running a timer and limiting my time here to one hour so must run for now.
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Tropical Screamer said...

The construction of those shorts is interesting. I bet they're comfortable.

Computer stuff: We do take one of those aerosol cans of air and blow it through the keyboard and fan spaces of the laptop. The darn things run so hot. We also bought a laptop cooling stand for the thing that helps.

If you do have to mail order it, New Egg is reputable.

(Sorry for the long link. Let me if it doesn't work and I'll email it to you.

Best regards,

Tropical Screamer said...

P.S. - If you double click on the link in my last post you can paste it into a new tab. It seems to work OK.