Saturday, September 20, 2008

Another Look

I have been refolding my old family quilts. Well, that was the task but I also looked, photographed, and thought. This is one my mother had and I've wondered who made it. The quilter put her initial and the date 1930 on it. I have figured it out. It is my mother's Aunt Elizabeth Archer who lived in West Virginia. Why I didn't think of her before, I don't know. My mother was fond of Aunt Lizzie all her life. I'm still puzzled at the middle initial but that doesn't mean she didn't have one. If not a middle name, sometimes people were given an initial instead. I can't find any record of her having one. Her maiden name began with a D. What is that middle letter on the quilt?

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Finn said...

Your Orphan Quilt is just wonderful Katie, and you've completed your pledge over at the Orphan Train challenge *VBS* Congratulations girl!! You rule!
Now I get to snitch the picture, ok? And post it on the Orphan Train along with what you have to say about it *VBS*
I think your cinnamon rolls look spectacular, and vegetable beef soup is my all time favorite!
I'm so delighted that you figured out who made the old quilt you have. Its double treasure now, as you can connect it to your Mom and your Aunt and yourself...perfect! Hugs, Finn