Sunday, September 17, 2006

Old Quilts At The Library
All but one location had some old quilts. The first two pictures here don't show the correct color. The third one does. The edges are worn but the middle is in very good shape. I asked someone about it and they sent me to Jackie Williams who brought it for display. I took her picture by it and told her what a precious quilt she had. She said it was just an old quilt. She said she stored it between the matress and box springs of her bed. Have any of you heard of this? Must be better than plastic bag or window. It is displayed here on the back of one of the big Scotty dogs facing the street. She had titled it Tenesee Star. She said either her mother or grandmother made it and was going to check with her aunt to see if she could get more information about it.

Be sure to stay tuned for tomorrow. The wonderful old quilts from the museum will be shown.
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Linda_J said...

I have heard of people doing that--quilt between the mattress and springs--why I don't know unless it was like a trundle bed mattress and a more or less a metal frame, then it would pad the metal and add more padding on the back side of the mattress.

This one looks way to pretty for that!

Dawn said...

Yes - this has to be my favorite one! Jackie is one very lucky lady to own it! Oh that is gorgeous!