Thursday, September 14, 2006

Quilts for the Arts Counsel

This art show was held in several locations. I have shown you two of them. This is the third and there are two more after this. And the last two are my favorites so stay tuned.

Bloggers have discussed what they think defines an art quilt. This display was as mixed as any definition could be. These two were by favorites and I thought really were arts quilts. In the next posts you'll see some flowers which always seem to be part of arts quilt displays. They are are as beautiful as painted flowers. The last one is wearable art. But see the others. Looks like some quilts can be in any category.
These are all the pictures I'm showing of the Arts Quilts.

The first quilt is titled: "Miss Elaine" and was made by Elaine Yancy-Hollis, Detroit, MI.

The second quilt, which is my favorite, had no label. Posted by Picasa

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Melzie said...

Oh I really like the 2nd one also! Very pretty :) xoxo melzie