Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Sorry, I have these posts backward. Keep reading.

The following is written about the quilt:
Entrant: Bonnie keen
Year Made: Before 1945
"Dresden Plate" hand pieced and quilted by my Grandmother before 1945.
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Finn said...

They all are in such beautiful condition. Of the three, I like the wedding ring the best! Hugs, Finn

Patti said...

Wonderful old quilts! Seeing pictures of quilts like this is what drew me into quilting - I wanted quilts like that for my own. And since there weren't any in the family I knew I'd have to make them. If only they could talk! Though these are in such good shape I imagine they had very light use. And how super that the background is known for each one!

Libby said...

I am enjoying these quilts so much. Each time I'm sure I've found a 'favorite' the next one pops up and I have to change my mind. Thank you for sharing them with us.