Thursday, September 07, 2006

Quilt Show -Planetarium

Our local quilt show is on. It is a little different in that there are displays in several locations by several groups. All but one are free. Only judging is viewer's choice and no prizes. Just fun.
One location is our planetarium and all the quilts have to have at least one star somewhere in it. It can be the quilting, fabric or pattern. I put my USA and old one (1927) of my mother's there. I showed them in earlier posts. These are pics of an old quilt that is nicely done and scrappy. Enjoy.
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Finn said...

Oh wow...great quilts Katie!! How fun. Not just to have the family quilts, but to get to share them with others. A real treat to see those older scrap quilts.
Hugs, Finn

Fiona said...

The scrappy diamonds quilt is fab - really interesting to see how they've quilted it too. Thanks for including a close up as well as a picture of the whole top.

Hedgehog said...

These quilts are so great, Katie! Thanks for sharing! And great that you took photos of the tags, too! The scrappy diamonds is similar to one in a book of antiques that inspired my 'life' quilt. Thanks for sharing! Sounds like a great low-key show!