Monday, September 18, 2006

Weird Things About Me

My name is Kipper and I'll take the challenge.
1) I lift my ears straight out when I'm trying to understand my mom. She calls me a flying dog when I do this.
2) I have three layers of fur and it is very hard to get me wet. I love to swim but don't get wet. In the Michigan winter I like to go outside and let the snow and ice collect on my outer fur layer. It just stays on top of my coat until I come in the house and lick it off.
3) I hate to be stepped on or over, so of course I lay in the door way. It makes sense to me.
4)I love to eat nuts. I have an oak tree in my back yard and the acorns are easy to eat. The squirrels try to take them but they are mine, so I chased the squirrels up the tree. In the side yard are walnut trees and they are good too. I like them shucked and dried. I can break them open with my strong jaws but it's so hard to get the nut meats out so I just eat the whole thing.
5)I love to have my teeth brushed. Whenever I hear Mom start her electric toothbrush, I come to get mine done. Yes, I have my own electric tooth brush. Mom says she can't take a picture while she is brushing my teeth but she has one of our cat brushing his own teeth. He is no longer with us but had a long life of nearly 20 years.

I'll be watching for the five weird things about your animal companions. Posted by Picasa


Laurie Ann said...

Wow, and I was worried about Roogrr eating pinecones. Walnuts! I am surprised you have to brush his teeth! :) I know about double coats, but didn't know there was such a thing as a triple coat. Lucky dog!

Dawn said...

Ohhh! I LOVE Kipper! What kind of dog is he? I've fallen in love with him!

5 wierd things about Chloe? Hmmm, I might have to think about that one! I think she is just plain weird! :)