Sunday, July 01, 2007

er, er

Sorry that this pic is not better. Try clicking to see if that helps. First I corrected Discovery to Discoverer. I'm using small pieces of fabric for most words so I just had enough for another "er".

The ISS is the International Space Station. Might be too big. We'll see.

The Rover was the Lunar Rover also known as the "moon buggy." The letters were pretty straight forward but when I put them together they insisted on moving about.

Sojourner was a rover that was part of the Mars Pathfinder Mission.
A competition was held for school children to name this rover. A 12 year old girl won with her essay about Sojourner Truth who was a slave, abolitionist and champion of women's rights. This occurred in 1997, exactly 200 years after Sojourner's birth. I'm also proud to say Sojourner Truth lived much of her later life in Michigan where she is memorialized and buried.

Making Sojourner was the first time I made the letter "J." I tried one, failed, then checked Tonya's instructions. Tonya put a top line on her "J." I still write mine that way but for the last number of years they have been teaching children to write it without the top line. I don't know why they change such things.

I will couch Sojourner when I get some matching thread. The strip on the left contains all the fabrics I've used so far for the words. Yes, there are 21 of them. Some of them look the same in the pic but all are different. This has been a good way for me to audition each new color.
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Lazy Gal Tonya said...

wonderful as always. I love how the V is shooting out the top of the Rover. Kids are taught to make J's without the top line now? Really? That's a new one on me. See, even the computer typeface still has it. Then again, I make my little j's without the top period, so who am I to complain ;-)

Katie said...

Hum, my keyboard and computer has no top line on the J. Oh, me. Your comment has no top line but as I type this, there is one. Who knows?

Libby said...

Katie - this is going to be the most wonderful quilt . . . you have dedicated so much thought and study into it's making. I can hardly wait to see it all put together.

Shelina said...

Hehe, I think it is funny that the V is roving on your Rover. I'm easily impressed. My J also has a top on it as I type this. I guess it depends on the font.
This changing of letters is irritating when I'm working on my genealogy, as I look for ways a particular name could have been misread. But anymore, I guess since most kids do more typing than writing, how to write letters won't matter so much anyway.

Norma said...

I am so looking forward to seeing this all put together. What do you have in mind? How will you trim them? Hurry, I want to see!!