Monday, July 23, 2007

Oh So Good
What do you call them? Cantaloupe? Muskmelon? I say muskmelon. This is a Honey Rock from Indiana. I always wait anxiously for the Bay City, MI ones to get ripe. Sure nice to find this one from IN in the store. Does your part of the country produce them? They are soft and very very juicy. My favorite way to eat them is with blueberries (MI crop has started and are sooo good.) bananas and ice cream. I also like peaches in the mix but they aren't ripe here yet either.

Bottom pic is first numbers I've ever made. I'm putting the space name blocks into horizontal rows. Lots of work but fun to see it coming together. Pics soon.

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Libby said...

We call them cantaloupe in this neck of the woods. They are my older brother's favorite. Living in Alaska, they are hard for him to get and then they are usually not good since they are shipped before they are ripe. So when the Princess was 16 (pre-9/11) she got to visit her uncle over the summer. I filled her carry on and backpack with cantaloupes fresh and ripe. She got some funny looks but the pictures of his face enjoying those melons are still worth it today *s*

Laurie Ann said...

We call them cantaloupe. Yummy!! I wish I could have a dish of that right now!

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

Cantelope - never heard the term Muskmelon before. Here in paris I see it on menus as just melon.

I so love your letters and numbers. You have really made them your own. How tall are your letters? Generally. I'm thinking they have to be much bigger than mine to get so much detail.

Norma said...

Cantaloupe here and they grow them in the least they used to before we grew apartment houses in those fields.

Love those numbers..........are we getting close to a layout?

Finn said...

Everything is looking yummy! And here it is almost supper are making me hungry!
The melon skin looks different than what is locally grown...probably a cross between two kinds...cantaloupe being one.
Your dish of yummies looks like a perfect supper or breakfast or treat! The number also..yummy...but not for breakfast...LOL Hugs, Finn

Dawn said...

these letters are just too cool! And look at that melon, my mouth is drooling! we always called them musk-melon!