Thursday, July 12, 2007


I'm thinking I need a title on my quilt. Wondering about Memories 1957-2007. I must have a star or stars somewhere on the quilt. This and no longer than 80" long are the only restrictions. Well, and theme is 50 Years in Space. I thought about making an Ohio star with the title in the middle. I tried making very small letters which aren't very small. The bigger the letters, the easier to make. I don't think the title on the border will be a good idea. I have no plans for how to put the blocks together. Maybe very random.

I found some space theme fabrics on the Internet. Really hard to do without seeing and feeling the fabrics. The top one (pic not good) has tiny stars and should make good borders. I only bought one yard so will have to see. I may use it for the title background. I think I'm about to gather a bunch of orphans. The second pic has great space pics and I bought two yards but doesn't go with my letters. The third, another two yards, sure has stars but I'm concerned it will overwhelm my words. These might work for backing or another quilt, huh?

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Shelina said...

Katie, all three of these fabrics are wonderful. The busy one would be good for the back. The top one is perfect for the quilt. The bottom one would be a nice simple border.
Thanks for tagging me. I'll post my answers tomorrow.

Norma said...

Got your email about my email address but it won't let me reply. Not sure how to contact you to answer your question about the memebut I will post my answers. Thanks@


Libby said...

I just can't wait to see your challenge piece all come together. I'm pretty sure you've got a winner on your hands *s*

joyce said...

I love that last piece of fabric but it would overwhelm the letters. Maybe better for a border.

candyschultz said...

That last one looks like a photograph. Very exciting.

Finn said...

What fun fabrics Katie! I do love the star piece..and agree the second one is bit overwhelming but so very interesting. I'm a sucker for buying that sort of thing and then not know where to use it. I think your quilt will be sensational!
Give yourself a little break if you have a chance.Hope you are enjoying the cooler weather I've sent you...LOL Hugs, Finn