Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Yesterday I redid my Apollo block. It was too big and the pink just didn't do it. I took this one out on my porch to use the natural light for the pic. It sure makes more accurate color. I may go back and resew the seam between the last "L" and "O" to move them closer together. The pink version is 18 inches long and this one is 11 inches. I laid out the blocks on my spare bed. I put them whatever angle they felt like going. I did try to arrange color somewhat, especially the three reds. Then I actually sewed two of them together. This isn't going to be easy. I will need to add more background to them and even then not sure how to go about it. Stay tuned.

Oh, the food is so good this time of year. I had a homemade BLT yesterday. I know bacon wasn't good for me but maybe the fresh lettuce and tomato balanced it. I also had the first local fresh blueberries. Good logic, right? I really don't care; it tasted wonderful.

Have you ever woke up in the morning and realized you were dreaming about something that you needed to do? It doesn't happen often to me but it did this morning. I dreamed about really cleaning my sewing machine including changing the needle. Hum, suppose I need to get a life? Okay, I'm off to do it. I sure don't want to dream it again. LOL
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Norma said...

Now when I dream of things I need to do in the morning they are more like NIGHTMARES! Come to think of it, I could use a new needle in my machine too.

Waiting on that layout!

candyschultz said...

Oh god I didn't dream it but now you have reminded me. I need to clean and oil my machine and I have no idea when I put that needle in. Time goes so fast I just take that little gem for granted.

Finn said...

The new Apollo looks great, and YES...the photo is soooo much better than the ones taken inside. Seems like outdoors the flash doesn't need to go off.
Great job on making it smaller!
Hurray for summer food fare! I had new potatoes cooked in their skins tonight and some creamed cucumbers..yummy! Hugs, Finn

Libby said...

Your new Apollo looks great - a good decision.

How is it that we let our machine maintenance get away from us . . . I'm forever forgetting to put in a new needle *s*