Thursday, July 05, 2007

One More
One more for my space quilt. When I laid out these letters, I decided to make a lower case "G" and "R". Sorry I didn't take a pic with them as Caps. This was the first time I've changed letters at the putting together stage, but I like it much better. now. I must not have been listening to what it was telling me when I made those letters or my subconscious was having me make extra letters, maybe for orphan blocks? I found my challenge guideline information and the total quilt can't be longer than 80 inches, so I'll be fine. I'm getting anxious to start laying it out but won't be sewing for a few days. My DS and family are coming to visit. I spent today cleaning and doing laundry. I'll be sleeping in my sewing room so still need to move some stuff off the bed.

While I was taking these pics, I wondered if I'd shown you my wooden quilt blocks hanging in my sewing room. If these are repeats, well, enjoy again. I love wood and fell in love with these. I bought the rose and blue at Williamsburg, VA, in 2000. Marvelous place to visit. The block is about 8 inches square and labeled as Wood Quilts Uniquely Jewell, Springdale, Arkansas. "This quilt features a unique form of parquetry and is hand painted and signed by a 'stay-at-home mom'. We have many traditional quilt designs and each piece is individually cut. Please note the character and individually of the wood as God created every piece differently. Family owned and operated since 1986." Yes, all quilt labels are important. The Ohio Star is about 15 inches square. It is from House of Threads and Wood and it's label says, "Handcrafted Wood Quilt. Each piece is cut, stained and reassembled to form a quilt block for your enjoyment. Each is unique due to the stain penetration. Ed "94" I bought it at an old time village in Michigan a few years ago.

Busy time for Kipper as he alerts for every knock and bang. He insists that we must be being invaded. Memories of fireworks and this year on TV were very special. "VBS" The fireflies are really out lately too.

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Libby said...

I hope you enjoy your family's visit very much. Can't wait to see your challenge quilt all laid out.

Finn said...

Hi Katie, what great progress you are making. I think you've found your special 'nitch' in the making of quilts *VBS*
The letters look great and yes *S*, orphan block leftovers are good!!
Great wooden quilt blocks, I can see why you'd fall in love with them. Have a great family visit, and give Kipper a hug for me. Hugs, Finn