Friday, September 28, 2007

Another Find
I have been looking through a box of hand work. This was a panel that I embellished, mostly with embroidery and some silk ribbon. I worked on it while sitting with my dad in his nursing home during the last seven months of his life. He had been there for four years before this but seven months before he died, a resident stopped the antibiotic that the urologist had ordered for him to take for the rest o his life. The nursing home "cleaned" his chart removing the order and my large sign on the first page saying that this medication was never to be stopped. It took me a week to discover what they had done, but the damage was done. Dad got a major infection and everything that could go wrong, did. They sold the nursing home, resulting in staff changes and tons of problems. I still can't tell you all of it, but eventually, I had to get the state involved due to other medication errors and such poor care. He was a gentle man who lived with major pain and was unable to get out of bed most of his last year. I stayed as "on top of things" as possible and fought every battle I could for him. After the medication error, I looked at his medication chart daily and got a copy of it weekly. My dad remained mentally competent through all this. He had a very hard road to travel that last year of his life and was 93 years old when he died. I got a battery powered light that I hung around my neck and did a lot of hand sewing many a day and many a night. This was three years ago. A few days ago I ound this piece. I've added a last few stitches, sighed and smiled and declared this piece finished.
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Lindah said...

Dear Katie,
Such a very sad story. I'm so sorry. Every son/daughter's nightmare is that the nursing home will not be reliable. I can closely empathize because my 90+ yr old parents-in-law are in nursing home here. The medication issue is very hard to track.
You did some very beautiful work during that time. So creative. The colors are beautiful. It was good that you could be there with him. That was so good.

Norma said...

It's beautiful and hopefully has some good memories attached to it.

My son was in several nursing homes as the result of a tramatic brain injury. We went daily to keep up on things yet felt so out of any control. His entire future would have been different I think, had there been better care. It is terrible to feel so helpless when it is a loved one. So many times we were just pushed aside while someone else made life altering decisions. My heart is with you!

mamaspark said...

This is really lovely! I'm sorry for your loss. It is a blessing that you got to spend time with him like that.