Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Sky In Falling

Your right, Henny Penny. The black walnut trees beside my driveway are dropping nuts on the garage, driveway and sometimes even on the house. It sounds like they are being thrown and really make a bang. Kipper doesn't like it at all. I have to be extra careful not to step on one and roll an ankle. Yes, I sweep them up but .... I used to take the husks off - best way is to drive the car over them and let them dry and finally crack them to get the nuts. They are very good but sure make a mess. The husks really stain your hands and everything else. The Native Americans used about every part of the black walnut trees for medical purposes and the husks for dye. My trees were full grown trees when I moved here 45 years ago and they are in what was a fence row between fields before this. I would guess they are 100 years old. Walnuts trees live a long time. There used to be about 20 black walnut trees along the road edge just north of my house. When they developed the road, they cut them all down. I contacted the owner of the farm field and told her. The wood from those trees should have had some sale value, even back then. Black walnut wood makes beautiful wooden furniture and other things.

Well, these are my musings on this the official first day of fall. To celebrate the last day of summer yesterday, I fired up my charcoal grill. Hamburgers were good but the roasted sweet potatoes were supper!
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