Saturday, September 08, 2007

First Day Of School (UFO)

This is a pic of an applique that is not finished. There is suppose to be a boy in the pic too but I'm not sure I want the pic that big. There are 12 of them but I've only done these three. Last time I got them out, I thought I'd make the four seasons rather than the 12 months. They were suppose to be flat applique with much embellishment. I have given them much depth. The teacher's sleeve is made completely separately and stitched onto the blouse. I have them basted to batting and backing now.

Friday I brushed off all the loose threads and dog hair and took my space quilt in to be displayed next weekend. I made a sort of quiz to go with it. I wrote a line or two to match each name on the quilt. Just on paper.

Today I cleaned out the refrig, did three loads of laundry, took care of some paper work and finished reading a book. By tonight I was ready to think about quilting projects. Need to clean the sewing room before I get into anything new.
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Libby said...

Love your dimensional applique - the depth really brings the figures to life.

dot said...

WOW!!!!!!! These blocks are wondeful. They certainly are intricate. It will be nice to get them all completed.

mereth said...

Those blocks are very nice, full of depth and detail.Hope you get to work on them and finish them.

Norma said...

You must be a very patient person.......your details are so perfect. I love the bonnet girl quilt, would love to do one some day.........a Sunbonnet Sue all grown up.

Patti said...

Oh, I love your calendar girls! I hope you finish them - they are wonderful. I've looked at that book many times, but always put it back on the shelf. I'd love to try these but I just have too many other things. The dimensional touches you've added are wonderful. Just look that the braids on that little girl!