Saturday, September 15, 2007

Quilt Show

Here's my space quilt What's In A Name? on display at the planetarium. The lights are not good for pics there so - still not the best. I think I'll try to get one outside in sunshine after the show. My quilt was chosen to be the entry view one. And it looked very nice as you entered the show.

This show would better be described as a display. There are no contests or awards. This is the seventh year the planetarium has put quilts on display. The director is himself a quilter and this is his "baby." It is a relaxed, for any quilter, event. The only requirement to have a quilt in the show is that it must have at least one star in it - in design, fabric or quilting. This year he included a challenge which was to commemorate 50 years in space. I have no idea why but only one other quilt was made for the challenge. To the Stares Through Quilting was pieced and quilted by Cathy Skelton. I was surprised as I was looking forward to seeing what other quilters ideas were, but it was not to be. There were many quilts on display but only about the "star" theme. However, 80 people who put quilts in this display and their guests came to the open house before the show opened to the public. This whole "quilt show" (in several locations besides the planetarium) has been steadily getting smaller and smaller. Ten years ago it was a major event. This year the largest local quilting guild decided not to display at all. Instead they held their own show in the spring. I don't belong to any of the groups. I'm not much as a "joiner" and their meetings were held in the evenings at a location some distance from my home. When I started going to Florida for the winters, that really left me out. I wonder if quilting is declining all around the country but also wondering if it is just changing with Internet and hard economic times. My "guild" is my blogger friends.

Third pic I'm showing today is one I really liked. It is title Stained Glass Star and is pieced and quilted (by hand) by Gael Edmonds.

Another part of the quilt show that I always look forward to is the display by the Black Quilter Guild. It continued to be one I wouldn't miss.

I also went to the Art Institute display. These were small, wall pieces made by professional quilters and included items from outside the local area. For the most part they did not use paint but were fabric art. Many were "quilty" and some primitive. Most were also for sale and ranged from $250 to $600. I'm sure the artists had degrees in color, design and fabrics and the market for art is a hard one to make a living in. I certainly see equal work on many of your blogs.

The season is definitely changing here in Michigan. The leaves and nuts are falling into my driveway. I'm in transition too. I've finished a major quilting project and not sure where to go next. I'm finishing up home improvement projects, that have been going on all summer. Didn't get it all done but need to finish what is started. I've been trying to get through papers and such and need to stop jumping around with it and get something finished there. Time of year to think about going to Florida. What needs done before I go? Lots of yard work. I try to get all the medical appointments etc. done before I go, too. What to take, leave and get rid of. I need to think about all I accomplished this summer but not for too long. Got to move forward. My tummy upset has slowed me down. This illness is done but my sensitive GI is requiring TLC. This is not my favorite time of year anyway. I don't like the days getting shorter or the coming of the end of the growing season.

I'll show some more quilt show pics soon.
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Libby said...

So glad to hear you wonderful quilt was displayed in such a place of honor. I think it does sum up the challenge very nicely . . . what a perfect way to greet those coming to the show.

Hedgehog said...

How cool that your quilt is hanging in a planetarium!! This is still one of my all-time favorite quilts! It's inspired a project of my own that I'll post about soon!

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

Your quilt is so fabulous, I completely understand that it was placed so prominently. Sad that the show is getting smaller and so little response to the challenge. Hope your tummy feels better soon.

candyschultz said...

I don't think quilting is declining rather the reverse. I was in a guild for awhile and they were some of the most unfriendly people I ever met. Bloggers are much more friendly. Which planetarium is this? Cranbrook?

Norma said...

I would have loved to walk in and see your wonderful quilt on display. I did so enjoy watching your progression on the pieces and then finally the end result. I hope you were so proud of your work.

I hope quilting is not declining, just getting more real. The quest for perfection drives me crazy so I hope folks are just enjoying the process!

Take care of that tummy!

Linda_J said...

There is your quilt and right where it could be seen, front and center! Good for you, Katie.

I have heard that some feel quilting is declining--I don't see it necessarily-- but when several shops are closing, you have to wonder if it pure economics or the handwriting on the wall.

I'm with you though with the wonderful things we see online every day and feeling like we are a part of a larger, worldwide quilt group.

Finn said...

I'm absolutely positive that being placed first when you come in the door, means YOU WON! You have the MOST outstandinglyt beautiful and original quilt in the display!!! Totally *VBS*
It looks wonderful, even in the bad lighting. Far more creative than any others!
I think lots of us feel sort of lost as the seasons change, but also when a big project like your space quilt if finished. The idea of it consumes us for so long, once we finish we feel sort of empty. Put the two together(fall coming and the big finish) and it's very understandable how you're feeling.
The trek to Florida is another milestone, marking the way, but it'll be just doesn't get any easier, I know *VBS* Big hugs for a job really well done! Finn