Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Another Leaf Fabric

This is another leaf fabric I found in my stash. The first pic is the front and has copper colored around many of the leaves. The second pic is the back side of the fabric which I like a lot too.

Really crazy weather for the last five days. It has been in the mid 80's which is about 15 degrees higher than normal for us here at this time of year. It rained last night and has been steam bath all day today. Storm suppose to be coming in tonight and clear it all out. The pattern repeats a lot more than the other fabric I used. I tried the method of cutting large block (about 7 inches) and cutting it into hour glass. Of course this means bias sewing. And it means only one was to arrange the pieces. I prefer the squares especially as it allows more designs to play with.

Today was another day of errands so I stopped in at the LQS. I picked up a couple fabrics to go with this print. All I had was black and I didn't like it. Good news is the long arm quilter said she would do the DDL Christmas quilt and finish it in a month's time, before I go to FL. I sure appreciate that as there is usually a 4 to 6 month wait. I used to take a date to bring in the quilt way before I even decided what I'd be making.

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Finn said...

Hi Katie, I see you've been really busy lately! Looks like you have found your way out of the 'what do I do next' quandry after the Space Quilt.
I really like what you did with the first stash fabric. I can see why you DIL would like it..it's just beautifuL! Good job!! And now on to a second one??? It's a very pretty leaf print you've been cutting up.
I'll be back to see if you are surviving the black walnut cascade and the really strange autumn weather. Once the storm goes through it gets pretty reasonable. WE hit a high of 57 today! Hugs, Finn in a very cool WI

Dawn said...

Humm - I never thought about the hour glass cut with doing those! Oh man - more to think about!

Clare said...

When I saw the photo I thought they were real. Beautiful beautiful fabric and very apt for the time of year. I saw Finn mentioned Black Walnuts. We've got falling walnuts here too.

Shelina said...

Great minds think alike Katie! I too thought about triangles, but when I played with the mirror at the store, there really wasn't much difference in designs between the squares and the triangles - and I too like the squares because you have more choices. Your Christmas quilt looks beautiful and this one with the terrific fabric will be even more spectacular.

Norma said...

I really like these fabrics but never quite knew how to fit them into a quilt.............got to try this! The Christmas quilt is wonderful, I envy the person who gets to snuggle under that.