Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Kitties and Puppies

What do you think these are for? The fur makes wonderful hair for the Bonnet Girls. I learned this from a class I took to make them. The class also taught the technique of copying the pattern page from the book onto a sheet of label adhesive paper. Then you cut out the pattern and stick it onto fabric. Cut the fabric leaving enough fabric to turn under for applique. Remove the paper before sewing it to background. Another hint was to sew small pieces together into a unit and then applique the unit to the area it belongs.

I'll still looking through a box of my applique stuff. I haven't been in there for a while.
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Linda_J said...

Use the full sheet adhesive labels?? I just got some the other day but was thinking more of using them for running labels through the printer---I guess this is on the same order though.

Who knew that kitty fur would work for hair? Learn something new every day.

Your blocks are looking fantastic!

Finn said...

Interesting ideas, both of them...
but since I do little applique I'm not sure i'll remember..LOL
Cute fabric tho. Hugs, FInn