Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Jack O Lantern

What a difference a week makes. Down right cold here now. Chicken vegetable soup for supper. Okay, this makes me want to get my snow bird wings a flapping.

Have you seen what Mammasparks World has done? On her October 10 post, she shows the greatest Jack quilt, including closeups. I just had to try one but no time to do it right. I just grabbed some fabric and did it. Not sure if this was how to do it, but I sewed the fabric together and then cut the Jack and then machine appliqued it to another piece already sewed together. I should have ironed on some stabilizer, probably some that glued the top to the back. And I definitely should have worked on the tension. It broke twice on me. But no time. I just made Jack. We are both smiling. "G"

I actually put up some pieces for an orphan quilt. Maybe. I found the bag of left overs from this quilt which was left overs from another quilt that I made and didn't get a pic of.

Maybe I can make the spring train. "G"

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