Sunday, October 21, 2007


Libby at A Simple Girl posted pics about her recent visit to Bavaria. I enjoyed her post so much, I just had to look again at my pics from my visit a year ago. Libby mentioned the cows with bells. Here's my pic of them. The cheese from them is great. The houses and stores were decorated and full of flowers. I was told that the flowers in boxes under the windows, especially the geraniums, keep bugs away from the screenless windows. Sure great to look at, anyway. Lots of bike traffic and walkers, too. The last one is my favorite. Doesn't that look like a postcard?

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Norma said...

We were stationed in Germany for four years in the 7o's........DD was born there. One of my great memeories is the trip we took to that area. It did look like postcards most everywhere you would look. We took a side trip into Salsburg, Austria and I will remember the fountains forever!

Thanks for a nice trip down memory lane this morning.

Libby said...

Katie - thanks for sharing your photos again. I just don't think I can get enough of seeing the countryside. I noticed the geraniums growing in flower boxes and wondered why they are so popular. What a great idea . . . maybe I will have to employ that same tactic here at home *s*

Finn said...

Hi Katie, love your Bavarian do such a good job with the camera!
And the autumn walk pics are just wonderful, Kipper(thanks for the kisses kipper!)looks so handsome and happy to be by the pumpkins *VBS*
And I see you are thinking about orphan blocks *VBS* good for you. Don't let it be a chore, just play with them. Maybe make some fun words to use..whatever makes you happy.Hugs, Finn

Shelina said...

You're right, these pictures are absolutely gorgeous! As are the photos from your own walk. You sure have an eye for beauty.