Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Medieval Festival

A couple weeks ago, I went to the last day of the Michigan Renaissance Festival. It's held on weekends during the fall. It was very crowded but was a beautiful day. The Raptor show was great. All the animals were rescued, even the horses. My friend Shirley and I took Kipper. He was such a good dog, even with running horses, birds flying low overhead, all kinds of noise and tons of people eating lots of things. He really seemed to enjoy going. Me too.

Nothing quilty happening just now so here is a true quilty story. A relative of mine was seriously ill. His teenage granddaughter came to see him. He lay on the couch with a cover on him. The GD noticed that his feet were sticking out so she tried to pull the covers down over them. Her granddad said "It's just not long enough." She replied that she know how to fix it. She left and returned later with an extra, extra long fleece quilt. She had bought two long pieces of fleece, put one on top of the other and the cut and knotted the edges together . Now he could have one end around his ears and the other wrapped around his feet. Maybe I'm being inaccurate using the word quilt to describe this cover but, to me, it seems to be the right word. It was warm, comfortable, made with thought and love and received with gratitude and love. If that isn't a quilt, what is?

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Libby said...

Made and given in love . . . I'd say that fits the definition quite well *s*

Dawn said...

Yes - that is a quilt. I love your description of what a quilt is. My kids acutally like those better because they are soft and fluffy!

Laurie Ann said...

We have a medievel festival near our house each summer. I've never gone before, but perhaps I should give it a try next summer.