Sunday, October 07, 2007

One Hot Day

October 7, 2007, and it is hot and humid here in mid-Michigan. Not exactly weather that makes me want to get ready to go to FL. Actually it got above 80 for the official temp and tomorrow is to be 88, then high of 70 predicted for Tuesday and 60 for Wednesday. We'll see.

Second pic is of the last of the clean up from cutting the trees. I hired a young man to do most of it. I even borrowed two of my neighbor's cans. You can't see them but there are two 5 gallon buckets of walnuts, too. And they continue to fall all over my driveway, garage and even on the house. Yard waste pick up is tomorrow.
Now the yard can be mowed.

Just had to play for a while this afternoon. Made a wonky star. I'm not sure this is how they are supposed to be made. Any suggestions? It gave me more ideas to try. Humm....
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joyce said...

Your wonky star is just fine. I made a lot of them for my latest quilt. They look great if they are all different.

Lazy Gal Tonya said...

that's exactly the way you make a liberated star. you're doing great. keep making more and playing. ooh, I'd like some of that hot weather over here, though I'm thrilled to have sunshine.

Libby said...

Our days are growing hot, too. It's that 'Santa Ana' time of year for us. The air is so dry - at least the mornings are cool and crisp.

Finn said...

Hi Katie, I think you liberated star looks perfectly wonky! I watched John Flynn making 'wonky' things on Alex Anderson's show a couple of days ago...LOL, he calls it cave man piecing...I like Tonya's better!
I think you've totally go the hang of how to do that star....just relax and let it go every which way.
Great job on on ALL that tree cut down stuff...boy! that's alot! Hugs, Finn