Saturday, October 20, 2007

Walk In The Park

After a couple days of high winds and rain, today was beautiful. So Kipper and I took a walk on the park trail. They were having Halloween events for the children on the first part of the path. They had Jack 0 Lanterns all along the way to greet the children. Kipper is looking for them. He really enjoyed the children and the walk. They had dog biscuits at the first stop. Nice. Kipper also cleaned up after someone who had spilled his popcorn. Good dog. :) Every time I take him out to a place like this, I am so glad that I taught him good obedience nine years ago.

We are at the peak of color here in mid-Michigan now. I was afraid the leaves would all be blown off in the storms but they were still very pretty. The pictures are never as good as the real thing but try clicking on them to see more. A couple of Kipper's friends were out walking too. Actually, there were lots of dogs out, but these two are his good friends.
Hope everyone gets outside to enjoy the season change, however it is at your home.

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Norma said...

It would be wonderful to see some color but to do that we either have to drive to higher elevation or.....I go to the craft dept. and look at the artificial fall leaves!

Our fall means I planted marigolds out front and tomato plants in back.

Thank you for sharing your "real" fall with us desert dwellers/