Friday, October 05, 2007

New Fabric

Yesterday, a friend, who I helped write her Life Story, took me to lunch. Not sure how but the patriatic strips got in my bag. "G" My mind was thinking bias. Great possibilities. The second pic shows fabric from my LQS. There are two small cuts of green that the pic just doesn't show correctly, even though I took the pic on my porch with natural light. The yard of flowers was sale fabric and keep saying it would be great to experiment with. While looking through fabric on line, I found the sewing one and just had to have it. Oh, dear. I am very busy with life just now and buying a little fabric is as much sewing as I can get too. Kipper and I are headed to Florida the end of this month and I plan to "vacation" with lots of sewing then.


Norma said...

I love the sewing fabric. would make a cute sewing bag.

Katie is about to turn into a snowbird, how exciting to look forward to home in a different location, wish it was AZ!

Finn said...

Hi Katie, the new fabric is really pretty! I love the sewing fabric also, but then I am a sucker for all sewing related items *VBS*
The red, white and blue is just plain fun! And the sale fabric will no doubt fill a nitch somewhere that needs filling.
If you get a minute would you E me with your address again, and also the Florida one? Never know when a Pay It Forward package might arrive *VBS*, and I've misplaced ALL the addys I had from in July...just GOTTA get better at filing stuff!
Hugs, Finn who sez: watch out, rain, income and heavy!