Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Christmas Gifts

When our children were small Santa brought all the goodies and set them up like a store window display around the tree. But as they got up earlier and earlier, Santa began to wrap them. Stocking could be taken but everyone had to be up to unwrap presents.

Where did you hide gifts? Of course in boxes much larger than the gift. Other places were in locked suitcases and the trunk of the car. One year DD2 wanted a huge stuffed animal. We got her one that was about four feet tall and hid it in the truck camper. On Christmas eve we brought it into our bedroom closet. Inside a small box under our tree was a note telling her to look in our closet. For once, we really surprised her.

After the Santa years, we always passed out all the gifts and then starting with the youngest child, opened one at a time. Everyone got to enjoy seeing each person's gifts opened and pictures were taken. The person also got to enjoy seeing the unwrapping of the gift the gift they gave.


Patti said...

We have always opened one gift at a time for the very same reason. I just don't understand the ripping through all the gifts in 5 minutes of less. That doesn't teach children anything about the joy of giving.

Anonymous said...

Santa left a display in our home, too. The stocking was something to play with while the grown-ups got a few extra minutes of sleep.
I see the sense in opening gifts one perrson at a time. Hubby's family did it youngest to oldest. While it's a great plan in theory, he is less than two years older than his brother so they often received the same gifts. He speaks of always knowing what his gifts would be because he had to wait patiently while his brother opened his gifts. It breaks my heart.