Monday, December 04, 2006


The top pic is another Christmas bit I made many years ago. It is 12 inches across. I sewed on the bias tape and then to a sweat shirt. Later I threw the shirt away but cut this off and may use it for a table decoration. I probably should figure some way to hang it up rather than set something on it. The red is a deeper Christmas color than the pic shows. Posted by PicasaI enjoyed doing it and how it looks but haven't done any other Celtic designs.

I had a talk with myself about getting a positive attitude about sandiching my quilt. I bought some good pins (sorry about the focus) and have started the progress. I can do this!


joyce said...

Pinning quilts has to be the worst. I hate doing that. I got some gardening knee pads because I do it on the floor and it was killing my knees.

Anonymous said...

hang in there with the sandwiching -- we all have a step or two that defeats us, but tis better to get through it than create a new UFO that you can't enjoy :-)

Finn said...

Hi Katie, get design to have saved when the sweat shirt had to go. I think it would be good on a table or hanging. Maybe you can make it a sort of foundation background, and attach it.
I use that same kind of pins. I'm new to using them, but like what I have done with them. Glad to see you are decorating! Love the ceramic tree...wish I had made one way back when....LOL Hugs, Finn

Laurie Ann said...

Those curved pins are nice. They will help you out. I always get stuck on the binding. Yuck!!! I have eight placemats and eight mug rugs sitting there staring at me, waiting for binding.

I always ask Disco to vacuum or clean out the tupperware cabinet, or to do SOMETHING useful during the day when I am gone, but he never does!! :) Dang dog just naps all day.

Shelina said...

I am behind reading posts, and I am reading backwards. Your quilt is beautiful. It is going to look great quilted. I hope you do find a way to hang it up, so it can be seen in its full glory. I really love curved safety pins too. My tip, if you haven't already heard it. Is when you take them out, don't close them up. Of course you have to keep them away from children, but this way you don't have to open them all up again to baste your next quilt. Also, you can use a grapefruit spoon to close them if they hurt your fingers.