Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Stepping Stones and Stumbling Blocks

I have successfully sandwiched quilt! My problem was I never could get all the layers together right. For the last one, I matched the front to blocks on the backing. Very big job and not all that successful. This time I picked up a hint from a TV show. They laid out the batting and smoothed the well ironed backing on top of it. Then they lifted up parts of the backing and lightly sprayed the back side of the backing with basting spray. Smooth it back down.This makes the batting and backing one unit. Then turn the unit over and add your top. When all smoothed out, lift parts of it and spray. This was suppose to be complete but I then pinned it. I love that batting I got. Also the curved safety pins. Anyway it looks great.

Now to the sewing machine. The walking foot won't work. And now I have everything all messed up. After way too much time yesterday trying everything, I gave up. I told the elves to fix it last night so today I will see how they did.

Yesterday I went to the see the Marie Osmond Christmas Show. It was excellent. She certainly has a tremendous range of songs and really did a great performance. She came into the audience and shook hands. I was sitting on the end of a row and got to shake her hand.

Microsoft gave me an update and this caused me to loose all my favorites and I can't even get into my mail this morning. I'm running a virus check now.

Hope you have more stepping stones than stumbling blocks today.


Anonymous said...

hope you can convert some of the stumbling blocks into stepping stones so they're useful!

Melzie said...

sorry you had such a hard time :) Bless your heart! hope tomorrow is better. xoxo melzie

Shelina said...

Oh I hate it when things like that happen. So sorry for your troubles. I find that taping the backing to the floor helps keep it in place. Your spray idea was an excellent solution. I'm sure it will get better when you should try your quilting again. Maybe take off the walking foot and put it back on, just in case you didn't have that move up and down thingie up against the other thingie by the needle right.