Thursday, December 07, 2006

Guess What I'm Doing

After trying everything, I concluded that this FL sewing machine has problems. My walking foot on my MI machine worked so well so I didn't anticipate any problems here. I finally abandoned all tries at various types of quilting and got the tension and stitch back to a regular one for sewing. I am hand quilting! Yup, I really am. After all this is a experimenting/learning quilt. I am using two strands of
embroidery floss and it is working well. I decided to just cross hatch it. So far so good.

Top pic is nativity set I bought here in FL a few years ago. It is a plate with raised figures which sets behind other figures. See second pic. It has a great 3D feel to it.

Bottom pic is Kipper checking things out through my front window this morning. Guess all was well as he is now napping on the couch. Notice my swivel chair where I sit and look out too. I took the screen out of this window so we can see better, well, as long as I keep the nose prints cleaned off. I have six windows like this across the front of my mobile home so can open the rest with screens. You can also see the quilt with the safety pins. It is hanging off my cutting/sewing table which is really a dining room table.

Weather cooler so that yesterday I made a pizza. I hate to turn on the oven in the hot weather. It is only to get up to 70 today and cloudy so I'm planning on making soup. Anyone want to come for lunch?
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Finn said...

Hi Katie, what a great Nativity plate..really unique.
Good pic of Kipper also!

I'm chuckling at your saying that 70 is cool enough for pizza and soup...LOL You'd be hating MI and WI and all points East this morning. A very gusty wild wind blew a front through last night. It has been about 30 when I got up yesterday. By noon it was 17, and by the 6 o'clock news it was 7. The 10 o'clock news saw us at 0, and today brings about -6 with a double diget windchill....brrrrr. But supposedly it's moving east fast, and we are suppose to be back up in the 40's by tomorrow...LOL Quite amazing. Sorry to hear about the naughty machine, but the hand quilting is good!! Keep stitching! Hugs, Finn

Anonymous said...

hope you're able to enjoy the hand quilting and find it relaxing. Its bound to be a lot less frustrating then a machine that wont work right ;-)

Tim Rice said...

Great nativity set. I like it. I'm also chuckling at your saying 70 is cool. Tomorrow our high is to be in the low thirties.

Libby said...

I find hand quilting very relaxing. It's so nice to have something available to pick up even if you only have a minute or two.
It's fun to know there is someone out there who thinks higher temps are cool. I'm in my winter wear -- long pants, sweatshirt and flip flops *s*